The Mary Elizabeth Preschool

The Mary Elizabeth Preschool is a magical, wholesome place for children ages 3-5.  We believe social development, by promoting independence, self-confidence and respect for others, is as important as the academic curriculum.  We offer a perfect blend of academic and imaginative play emphasizing patience, proactive teaching, addressing social skills before conflict arise and a have a genuine love of children.

Being a part of the Mary Elizabeth is unhurried, slows life down for children and reminds us of the importance of imaginative play in a world that simply moves too fast.  Your child will be free to take risks, gain independence, be creative and explore the many situations set up throughout the year at our school.  Your child will be mystified and engaged with intentional educational goals in mind and involvement of parents and children in various celebrations throughout the year.

Some of the opportunities your child will experience at the Mary Elizabeth Preschool are field trips to the Flynn Theater, Shelburne Farms, Local Farms, Smugglers Notch, hiking the long trail and trips to local state parks.  Your child will make friends and learn important social skills that will last a lifetime.  Other experiences at the Mary Elizabeth include lots of singing for performances and public speaking, working in different areas set up for exploration, being part of a nature program, growing a garden, and caring for our  chickens.

At the Mary Elizabeth we value community and incorporate parent get togethers through barbecues, pot lucks, fiestas, picnics, and a formal Tea party so that parents can get to know each other and each other’s children.  The energy and enthusiasm you feel when you enter the Mary Elizabeth makes you never want to leave!

The family bond which is built in the first two years of preschool continues as children from the program reunite year after year with each other at our family farm where we host several weeks of Summer Camp that range from 4 years old to 12 years old.  The camps are offered exclusively to Mary Elizabeth Students to maintain the core relationship that was founded in their early preschool years. It’s the perfect recipe to have fun, strengthen friendships, and leave with a love for nature.

I grew up on our Family farm and was lucky enough to purchase the farm with my husband several years ago when my Grandmother Mary Elizabeth passed away.  Being raised on this farm with my Grandmother who made me feel very special was a true gift.  In the summer s my brother, sister and many cousins played in the river, built forts in the woods, picked berries, caught fire flies and played hide n seek in the dark.  These fond memories are what inspired me to share the farm with the wonderful families at the Mary Elizabeth Preschool.  I thought how incredible it would be to have the children whom you knew when they were just 3 years old return to you throughout the years.  My oldest groups of alumni students, now 12 years old never grow tired of the farm and the magic it holds.   The space allows and invites curious, exploratory, adventuresome spirit.  My hope is that your children will hold in their hearts a special place for farms in Vermont as the green space is becoming scarce.