History of the Sweet House 1860

The Cambridge Historical Society was fortunate to have been bequeathed The Sweet Home on 208 Main Street in the village of Jeffersonville.  Formerly owned by Arlan and Irma Sweet, the home has long been noted for the old spinning wheel prominently displayed in the front window.

Arlan lived most of his life in Cambridge.  He worked for McGovern’s for many years.  He and his wife Irma started their own business in Jeffersonville in 1961.  Arlan and Irma were very generous with their bequests.  They left money to the Cambridge Elementary School, two cemeteries and a church in town.  They left their real estate to the Cambridge Historical Society.  They were hard working and humble people who thought a great deal of their town.

Arlan Sweet (1913-2007) &
Irma Sweet (1914 – 1999)

The Sweet House is a wonderful home for the Mary Elizabeth Preschool.  It is centrally located in town, neighboring the Varnum Library and within walking distance to the fire department, town clerk’s office, art museum and general store.  It provides you and your children easy access to our community.  The interior has ample open space with good natural lighting that lends itself to the creation of small intimate areas that your children will love.  It has a great porch and “schoolish” red doors that are inviting.  The grounds are beautiful!  They include a space which is used for an organic vegetable garden, a barn that houses chickens and a fireplace that can be used to roast marshmallows with friends and family.

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