About Us

At Mary Elizabeth Preschool we are committed to providing young children with love, care and respect.

We have a focus on sustainability and environmental issues. We will recycle, compost and incorporate an organic vegetable garden into our preschool.

The “big picture” of the school year will focus on:  Learning how to make and keep friends, living a good healthy life, being responsible, giving and loving.

Your child’s safety, well-being and preschool education is important to us. We strive for diverse, educated and caring teachers that want to care for your child and provide them the skills to succeed. As a minimum, all of our teachers pass a background check and are required annually to attend 12 hours of professional development and pediatric CPR/AED.

Our Goals

1.  Maintain an atmosphere of respect and peacefulness.

2.  Provide a play-based, preschool environment, with intentional educational purpose.

3. Teach children to be more become more independant.

7.  Develop social skills for interacting with others.

3.  Build confident, connected and actively involved children.

3.  Build quality relationships among members of the community.

5.  Help children to become more aware of the world and teach them about taking care of the earth.

The more slowly trees grow at first, the sounder they are at the core, and I think the same is true of children.


Our approach starts with understanding the child.  We want to know their interest, weaknesses, strengths and emotional needs.  We get them emotionally involved through field trips, sing-a-longs, hikes and transforming the room.

Our classroom reflects the variety and complexity of children’s needs.  We work to create a “family.”  That’s why you will see warm, intimate spaces:  couch, pillows, lamps, lots of books, plants and displays of children’s creative art work.

We talk about how to make and keep friends, living a good healthy life and being responsible, giving and loving.

We value connections to others and finding oneself.  These connections and responsibilities need to be taught.  Belonging to a group means being needed and believing that you have something vital to contribute.

We build a sense of community.  Each morning, the children use each others names and get to know interests and feelings.  Your child is learning to take turns without arguing, pouting or quitting.  Your child continues to learn about community through sharing, inviting others to join, solving conflicts and being friendly.

We do not do for children what they can do for themselves.  By sensitively observing, listening, actively participating and documenting discoveries of the children, we are able to provide appropriate materials and activities.

We maintain an atmosphere of respect and peacefulness in the classroom by listening to the children and their concerns, helping them solve conflicts cooperatively and teaching respect, empathy for people and the natural environment.